OEM Subaru ECU Mapping

teamCarr specialises in optimising the Subaru OEM ECU as follows:

MY92-98 and STi V1-V4

The Phase 1 Impreza/Forester/Legacy ECU cannot be directly remapped, however Enduring Solutions Limited have developed a system to allow the OEM ECU to be remapped in realtime with additional features including dual maps and speed density conversion. teamCarr works very closely with ESL and is one of the most experienced installers of this system in the UK, prices from 550 fitted and mapped.

MY99/00, STi V5/6, P1 and Legacy Twin Turbo

The ECU is these cars can be remapped using either EcuLabs software or the Ecutek system.

EcuLabs have developed many new features which gives the 1999/2000 model year ECU similar flexibility to the newer Denso ECUs, find out more!

MY01-on and STi V7-on

For Newage Impreza, Forester and Legacy, teamCarr offers OpenSource mapping, this option was chosen as it offers a definite price advantage over the Ecutek offering for the same model years without compromising on features or quality of the final remap. Full custom remaps start from 300.

MY01-05 WRX and V7-V9 STi Carberry ROM

Features include:

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