The Alcatek ECU is a massively capable engine management system with quality and features normally only seen in professional motorsport products costing over twice the price.
Alcatek has been proven time and time again in all facets of motorsport, especially in rallying where both Subaru and Alcatek have a long history.

teamCarr works closely with Alcatek and TEG Sport to continually develop and refine the capabilities of this ECU.

Essential Features

  • MAP or TPS based Speed Density Algorithm
  • Plug 'n' Play and Generic Versions
  • Realtime Mapping
  • Advanced Knock Detection with Active Correction
  • Individual Cyclinder Fuel & Ignition Trims
  • Multistage Engine Speed Limiter
  • OEM quality engine start and idle control
  • Accurate closed loop fuelling
  • Wideband Lambda Integration
  • Advanced Wastegate Control
  • Multiple maps
  • Gearchange Light
  • Waterspray Control
  • CANBUS connection

Motorsport Features

  • Antilag System
  • Launch Control
  • Full Throttle Gearchange
  • Nitrous control
  • Water Injection Control
  • PRP Wastegate Control
  • Thottle Kicker


Subaru MY96 ECU860 
Subaru MY97 ECU860 
Subaru MY99 ECU920 
Subaru MY02 ECU980 
Subaru MY06 ECUPOA 
Mitsubishi EVO3-6 ECU920 
TEGSport Edition ECUPOA 
Generic ECUPOA 
Antilag/Launch Control/Flatshift Option100 
AVCS Upgrade (for 96/97/99 ECU)90 
Nitrous Upgrade60 
Customer Programming Pack90 
Transmission Control ECU500 
3.5Bar MAP Sensor60 
3 Port Boost Solenoid50 
Clutch switch60 
Rotary cal switch25 
Note: ECU Prices include fitting (including airtemp sensor) and custom remap.