Extended Functionality for Subaru MY99+ OEM ECU

Eculabs specialise in software for embedded electronics and have taken a fresh look at remapping the 1999-onward Subaru ECU providing benefits over rival systems for both the end customer and tuner.

teamCarr has been working with Eculabs since 2014 and has gained extensive experience with all aspects of Eculabs software.

Additional capabilities

All essential OEM features are retained


With this many new features and options available it is impossible to quote prices for all possible conversions, the following is a selection of the most popular options and prices:

Eculabs ECU, custom remap 480
Speed Density Conversion, custom remap 530
SD Conversion, custom remap, Launch Control and Switchable Antilag 630
Aftermarket air temp sensor, supply and fit 30
3 Port Boost Solenoid (new), supply and fit 50

NB. Eculabs ECUs are supplied on an exchange basis, whist we strive to keep stock of ready modified ECUs, we have a finite number of stock ECUs in rotation which can lead to short lead times during periods of high demand.